we waited for our government to do the right thing....

we waited for our government to do the right thing....

Sunday, November 28, 2010



Mourning in America: Death of The Middle Class

USW International President Leo Gerard was interviewed on the Leslie Marshall Show to talk about his blog entitled "Mourning in America: Death of The Middle Class." My Uncle Fritz was a steel worker in Gary, Indiana.

Listen to his interview below.


On Nov. 03, 2010: Girard released this statement to the United Steel Workers:

(Pittsburgh) -- The following statement was released today by USW International President Leo W. Gerard:

“Yesterday’s results do not indicate a move to the right by American voters. What is apparent instead is the frustration with the economy in the industrial heartland of the U.S. where manufacturing has been devastated and jobs lost.

“It is time now for members of both parties to work with the President to develop an agenda that will rebuild the economy by revitalizing manufacturing through investments in our infrastructure and small businesses, and a major commitment to renewable energy.

“Strong leadership in Washington D.C. is needed immediately to regain the trust of average Americans. Industrial retrofitting is one way to start rebuilding our economy as it will invigorate business, produce good paying jobs, reduce carbon in the air and increase productivity.

“It should go without saying that we must also stop trade deals that give away good paying American jobs. Yesterday’s vote demands that our leaders do everything to put America back to work and move our economy forward.”


This is a new blog, created after not being able to find a similarly-named blog online. People need to be able to find a place that showcases problems with honesty in government. I We have certainly seen many.

Would I be able to create a blog named "Honesty in Government?" Sure enough, when I applied at blogspot.com for "honesty-in-government" there had been no takers. That surprised me. It is a symptom of our national illness that at this late date, such a blog name on this popular site did not exist. I pray to be able to supply information on this blog that will be accurate and useful to struggling Americans, in my own small effort to save the American dream and America's dying middle class, which is the hallmark of progress for millions into safety, security and peace.


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